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Appian RPA: A Key Capability in Your Automation Toolbox

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RPA – combined with fully unified business process management (BPM), case management, decision rules, and artificial intelligence (AI), – provides the complete set of automation capabilities that organizations need for all use cases. This powerful union enables the orchestration of next generation blended workforces – people, bots, and AI – in frictionless workflows, even in the absence of modern APIs.

In this paper, we’ll take a deeper look at RPA, as well as other automation technologies, that can help your organization achieve a holistic automation strategy.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is RPA?
  • Signs that RPA might be right for you.
  • The best use cases for RPA.
  • How to recognize when to expand beyond RPA.
  • Other critical automation technologies.
  • How to get started with RPA now.