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Rethinking the RFP: How Next-Generation Government Procurement Technology Minimizes Risk

Government CIOs and IT leadership face quite the undertaking when it comes to upgrading agency and department systems. With significant dollars and resources on the line, it’s no surprise the procurement process can be cumbersome. But even though the current request for proposal (RFP) process is clear and repeatable, it misses the mark when it comes to choosing solutions that will support agencies for years to come.

When government departments and agencies set up RFPs just to check specific boxes, they limit themselves to prebuilt solutions that are made for the masses. What public sector organizations would benefit from the most is an easily configurable  procurement technology solution made for their unique needs. In this whitepaper from Vishal Hanjan, Industry Lead for Public Sector at Appian, you’ll learn how traditional commercial-off-the-shelf solutions open government departments and agencies to risk and what to look for instead.