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Modernizing Federal Acquisitions with Appian Clause Automation

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The accurate selection of clauses and provisions in government solicitations and awards is critical to confidently receive goods and services as well as enforce contract delivery. Yet too many government contracting offices today rely on manual processes, repurposing clauses and provisions from previous contracts, purchase-specific templates, and contract-writing systems with limited logic. This adds time and effort to the task and allows too much room for human error.

Appian Government Clause Automation is here to help federal agencies select contract clauses with greater speed, ease and accuracy. Guide your contracting workforce to the right clauses and provisions for solicitations, awards, orders, amendments, and modifications.

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  • Modern automation, workflow, and integration capabilities
  • Flexible integration of RPA, AI, and agency-specific provisions
  • Ease of use through wizards and centralized, intuitive interfaces
  • Accuracy strengthened by automated clause selection, audits, and validation

See the innovative Clause Automation application in action as demonstrated by Appian’s federal acquisition management solution leader.