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Navigating the Future of Insurance: A Deep Dive into Appian's Connected Insurance Platform and Stories for Successful Partnerships

As the insurance industry undergoes a profound digital shift, to provide a Connected Insurance Platform that not only meets the demands of today but anticipates the needs of tomorrow is fundamental!

Join us on a journey through the dynamic conversation between Jake Sloan, Industry Vice President, Insurance, and Gijsbert Cox, Industry Lead, ENEA, Insurance, where the spotlight shines on the latest trends, use cases, and success stories that underscore Appian's prowess in the insurance sector.

Episode 3 of Best Practices, the new webinar series dedicated to partners, focuses on Insurance and showcases : 

  • Use cases that resonate with insurers.

  • Favorite customer stories.

  • Practical applications of generative AI.

  • The combination of AI process automation with workflow and case management.

  • How to leveraging Appian’s partnership with Guidewire and AWS

This webinar is a partner guide to unlocking the full potential of Appian and, in turn, fortifying your business strategy.

@AppianPartners it's time to seize the opportunity to deliver outstanding customer experiences, and Appian is your key to unlocking success in the ever-evolving world of insurance !

Featured Speakers: Jake Sloane, Industry Vice President, Insurance, and Gisjbert Cox, Industry Lead, EMEA Insurance, Appian. 

Moderated by Katherine Granat, VP Global Partner Programs, Appian

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