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Next-Gen Enterprise Platforms: Leveraging Generative AI, Automation, and Data Fabric

As AI and digital technologies rapidly evolve, it is vital to find the right enterprise platform to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth. But discerning between SaaS platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow and next-gen platforms that are specifically designed for future composite applications can be challenging. In this session, attendees will learn what sets next-gen platforms like Appian apart from traditional offerings and key elements for selecting and building your future enterprise, including: 

  • Appian's unique vision for leveraging generative AI, automation, and data fabric technologies.
  • How to distinguish traditional SaaS platforms from emerging platforms specifically designed for composite applications.
  • Why Appian's focus on platform integration and automation offers a seamless and superior experience of developing composite applications.
  • How the future of digital transformation aligns with Appian's innovative vision.

Presented by:
Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian 

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