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Driving Process Efficiency with BPA in the Age of Generative AI and Hyperautomation

Business process automation (BPA) is reshaping the way top companies improve and automate their processes—especially as they integrate generative AI and hyperautomation. This webinar explores:

  • Generative AI's role: Understand its transformative impact on BPA and the new possibilities it unfolds.
  • Hyperautomation approach: Discover elevated efficiency by adopting a hyperautomation mindset.
  • Combining Methodology with Technology: See how advanced automation paired with proven methodologies drives continuous process enhancement.
  • Development Optimization: Harness modern BPA and low-code platforms to maximize development resources.

Watch now and stay ahead of trends in the rapidly evolving market of AI process automation.

Presented by: Malcolm Ross, SVP of Product Strategy at Appian.

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McLean, VA 22102

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