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Aviva Wins 2020 Celent Model Insurer Award for Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation

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The Celent Model Insurer program recognizes the effective use of technology by insurers through their implementation of IT programs that epitomize best practices for technology projects. Aviva was recognized as a winner in the Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation category for their project to simplify their pension operations.

Like many insurers, Aviva faced numerous technology challenges, including:

  • A complex system landscape and architecture, with multiple core insurance systems and point solutions
  • Disparate technologies that did not facilitate customer support processes, and the need to service clients through multiple channels including digital front ends
  • Applications and data operating in silos, resulting in staff interacting with each other through processes requiring highly manual interventions

Download this case study to learn how Aviva simplified its pensions operations via the implementation of Blue Prism RPA, the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform, and the DocuSign e-document generation tool.