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Modelling an Unpredictable World:

How Real-Time Data and Digital Twins Are Driving Gains in Supply Chains

Read the report and find out how experts see supply chains being reimagined from top to bottom by these exciting technologies.

Supply chains are a constant example of the butterfly effect in action. A port closure, natural disaster, or labor dispute on one side of the world can create serious issues on the other, leaving organizations high and dry without key components or raw materials. Supply chain professionals need to be able to do the following:

  • Dynamically represent their supply chains.
  • Understand what is happening within those supply chains consistently.
  • Isolate the variables and comprehend what happens when they are changed intentionally or forced to change by events. 

“The power of the digital twin is not only that you can make decisions, but that you can make them fast. To do that, you have to eliminate some of the real-world complexities.”
Frank Meuwissen, Managing Director for Supply Chain and Operations, Accenture

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