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Appian World 2022

Appian Product Update - Day 2

Business is hard enough - the software you use to run your organization shouldn’t make it harder. In day 2 of the Appian Product Update Keynote, Adam Glaser, Appian Senior Vice President of Engineering says, “In addition to reducing barriers to becoming a software developer and increasing the supply of low-code developers around the world, we're also simplifying software development itself.” Beautiful and intuitive design experiences, better ways to access data, and automation are all part of that simplification. Hear from Adam, as well as Appian experts Annelise Dubrovsky and Jacob Rank, as they provide updates on more of the latest features from Appian.


  • Adam Glaser, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Appian
  • Annelise Dubrovsky, Senior Director, Product Management, Appian
  • Jacob Rank, Senior Director, Product Management, Appian

Watch the video.