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Safety Reporting (PSUR, DSUR, RMP)

Gain more timely and valuable data for safety reporting.

A life sciences organization is obligated by the health authorities to report any side effects or adverse drug reactions with their products on a periodic timing. Keeping up with these reports can be challenging if data isn’t being efficiently collected and organized.

Appian’s Safety Reporting application can create timely reports by unifying different data sources to gain real time updates and organize and deliver key findings efficiently. A speedier safety reporting lifecycle means more beneficial products, less time spent on product and label changes, more time in market, and better value to patients.

Appian’s platform offers enhanced capabilities for collecting and reporting safety information:
  • Data migrations from outdated and disjointed systems to create a single unified data repository
  • Extensive reports on safety information tracking to gain deeper and more quality information insights
  • The ability to feed results into the label change workflow and feed into or retrieve from the risk management workflow