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Physician Services & Reimbursement Tracking (ARRA/MU/MIPS)

Ensure effective clinical quality reviews from start to finish.

Physician services tracking is designed to ensure that clinical quality measures are being carried out properly in order to reduce readmission rates and increase patient satisfaction. Right now, this is a manual, time intensive process for many healthcare providers that ultimately eliminates the reasoning for this tracking in the first place. Many institutions utilize 15 to 20, if not more, systems to monitor these physicians’ adherence to regulatory requirements, creating silos of data that rarely talk to one another. Appian delivers a single source interface that allows all these services to be tracked in one place for easier management and better patient care.

Features at a glance:
  • Real-time alerts to track physician progress
  • Remove manual processes for tracking like paper records and fax
  • Next level visibility across silos of regulatory data