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Medical / Nursing Student / Resident Clinical Rotations Tracking

A seamless, single source of truth for student tracking.

From the classroom to the clinic, healthcare providers need a fast and powerful solution for their medical and nursing students, along with their residents. For most organizations, qualifications, scheduling, and communications with universities is a laborious, multi-step, manual, process. This slows down getting students into rotation and learning from experts within their field first-hand with patients.

Appian can bring together all of these disparate communication channels and systems into one unified interface. Appian bundles together study assignments, preceptor assignments, and course tracking to completion in a single source of truth for hospital admins running these programs.

This solution can also integrate with Appian’s Intelligent Contact Center™ so that students and universities may be managed as they reach out to the practicum location for additional information regarding the courses of study, acceptance, authorizations, etc.

Features at a glance:
  • Single interface to track medical and nursing students, along with residents
  • Faster on-boarding
  • Reduce manual one-offs with easy Intelligent Contact Center access