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Clinician Onboarding & Credentialing Management

Accelerate clinician onboarding to best serve your patients.

In order to attract patients and get them the care they need, healthcare providers need to first attract and retain the best caregivers as well. They want a fast and easy-to-use credentialing management solution that makes confirming accreditations easy and gets patients the resources they need, now.

Appian has the tools to streamline and automate your onboarding and credentialing processes onto a single interface in order to bring the best talent into your organization faster.

Features at a glance:
  • Remove manual processes and laborious customizations with COTS products
  • Deploy next-level visibility across a wide array of organizations and locations for easy communications across your healthcare network
  • Eliminate the multi-system hassle and bring your clinician credentialing and onboarding onto a single interface to get the right providers providing results to your patients now