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Loan Management

Manage loan processes efficiently across multiple channels. Accelerate processes, improve user experience, and automate reporting and compliance.

With the dynamic regulatory environment and the rising complexity of loan processing, effective loan management is an increasing challenge for financial institutions. The result is often a reduction in lending volume due to diminished ability to deliver value.

Lenders need a unified loan management platform that enables them to assimilate information and launch loan applications across a variety of channels and categories.

Simplified loan processes and system integrations

Appian automates lender processes and integrates multiple system interactions to optimize for simplified loan processes to enable accelerated lending volume.

  • Gain visibility to third-party collection providers for comprehensive management of at-risk programs
  • Adhere to local, product and customer specific regulatory guidelines
  • Integrate legacy systems and disparate data sources for faster reporting and decision-making

End-to-end Loan Automation.

The low-code, rapid deployment, and easy-to-tweak nature of the Appian platform has leant itself well to the requirements of technology-savvy capital markets firms.

– Aite Impact Matrix: Client Life Cycle Management Vendor Review

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