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Improve efficiency across all areas of your business.

Appian enables energy companies to digitize tedious and manual processes, streamlining corporate functions to boost productivity and morale.

  • Provide Total Transparecy
    Increase visibility into employee and contractor onboarding status to help stakeholders stay prepared.
  • Increase Employee Engagement
    Streamline onboarding with a unified experience that improves employee engagement and retention.
  • Safeguard Personal Information
    Ensure compliance for employee data privacy and meet changing regulations with agile processes.
  • Simplify the User Experience
    Streamline HR requests with a self-service portal for a seamless employee experience.
  • Establish an Effective Workflow
    Centralize and automate human resources tasks and processes to eradicate redundancies and increase productivity.
  • Gain Insights with Transparency
    Establish visibility and control across the employee lifecycle with a repository of employee data.
  • Simplify with Enhanced Usability
    Enable users to initiate requests with a flexible, self-service interface.
  • Provide More Efficient Service
    Streamline processes to respond to and resolve employee requests faster.
  • Protect Company and Employee Data
    Support agents with an easy-to-use interface, including intelligent and automated recommendations.
  • Gain Full Control Over Processes
    Unify processes on a single platform to manage requests from intake through delivery and maintenance.
  • Automate to Promote Efficiency
    Achieve consistency, standardization, and quality across projects to provide time and cost savings.
  • Drive Agility to Provide Value
    Exceed stakeholder expectations with improved response and delivery times.
  • Gain Visibility to Stay Strategic
    Improve negotiations with a single view of contracts, suppliers, purchase history, and projects.
  • Stay Agile with Accelerated Workflow
    Reduce sourcing cycle times with streamlined workflow and monitoring.
  • Facilitate for Enhanced Collaboration
    Better manage supplier relationships across contracting, onboarding, communications, and performance measurement.

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