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Vendor and Supplier Management

Effectively manage third-party business partners.

When engaging with third-party business partners, organizations must effectively communicate and continually evaluate processes to maintain compliance. Managing the complexity of vendor and supplier relationships typically requires several siloed systems to manage business risk, meet regulations, and maintain quality control.

With Appian, organizations can improve the supplier and vendor management process through a single system that combines work automation, low-code development, and innovative social collaboration.

Use Appian’s low-code automation platform to:
  • Interact with suppliers in more efficient, user-friendly, and intuitive ways
  • Streamline processes around vendor qualification, contracting, onboarding, and performance
  • Gain visibility into service provider risks such as recent sanctions, litigation matters, and trading compliance issues
  • Automate steps around due-diligence and for doing business with third party entities to mitigate risk and ensure quality