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Legal Matter Management

Streamline the legal case lifecycle to manage risk.

Effectively managing the life cycle of a legal case or matter is critical for organizations. However, many legal processes are handled through manual processes, spreadsheets, and files. This leads to inefficiencies in supporting case activities and limits resolution visibility for stakeholders.

Whether dealing with an investigation, audit, incident, contract, or other type of legal case, organizations need a centralized solution to standardize processes, track documentation, and monitor cases to ensure risk management.

Supported by a leading case management platform, Appian allows organizations to streamline legal matter management to improve all processes around case tracking, visibility, and resolution.

Features at a glance:
  • Reduce risk by effectively managing and prioritizing legal requests across the business
  • Improve case manager efficiency with automated tasks and collaboration capabilities
  • Ensure compliance with standardized processes, audit tracking, and documentation repository
  • Increase stakeholder visibility with insight into case resolution and real-time matter reporting