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Finance Command Center

Gain agility across financial operations.

CFOs across all industries are looking for better agility around how they manage their cash, liquidity, liabilities and costs. Appian is helping many organizations to digitize and improve processes, bridge SAP execution gaps, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

Appian’s Finance Command Center dashboard allows organizations the ability to establish a single view of finance applications. This drives more informed decision making, better understanding of working capital, and allows teams to quickly pivot to address changing needs. Enhance visibility and automate workflow with the Finance Command Center concept.

Features at a glance:
  • Have a single, unified view of cash and assets
  • Streamline processes and tracking across fixed assets and inventories for a clearer view of the overall asset valuation
  • Improve visibility into contracts and vendors to better understand commitments, assess risk, and action changes
  • Monitor labor utilization and productivity to identify performance improvement areas and establish policy changes