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Distributed Order Management Application

Modernize for omni-channel commerce.

Traditional order management systems aren’t flexible enough to support multiple channels, fulfillment methods, locations, and return points. Siloed systems and data limit inventory visibility and the ability to make and keep customer delivery promises. In addition, having multiple order management systems drives a higher volume of customer inquiries on order status and delays responding to customers. Therefore, the processes needed to manage customer direct shipments, split orders across fulfillment centers, and maintain a single view of a customer’s orders become unsustainable.

Automate across orchestration to accelerate fulfillment and meet customer needs.

  • Collect orders from any channel in one place.
  • Automate optimal sourcing and shipping routings.
  • Enable the creation of margin points post-sale.
  • Gain enterprise visibility to enable orchestration of returns to any processing center.

Connect data silos to provide real-time visibility into inventory and order status.

  • Connect siloed systems and data to enable real-time visibility across the enterprise.
  • Eliminate unsustainable manual workarounds when direct shipping.

Deliver a unified system for customer support and order management.

  • Improve on-time and in-full order fulfilment at the lowest possible cost.
  • Reduce customer inquiry volume and response times by providing self-service.
  • Provide customer support personnel with a single interface for all customer order information.