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Revolutionizing Telecommunications: TELUS International and Appian's Journey in AI Process Automation

Victoria Ebel, Appian
April 26, 2024

The telecommunications industry is an innovative one, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology. And in such a forward-looking industry, TELUS International stands out as a trailblazer. TELUS International has formed a strategic partnership with Appian to show how its AI process automation capabilities can transform operations and enhance customer experiences in telecom. 

The challenges faced by telecommunications companies like global technology leader TELUS range from evolving workflows to vast wireline and wireless networks that are large and complex to manage.

The power of collaboration

The Appian-TELUS International partnership was born from the need to develop an end-to-end solution for TELUS, designed to automate its 5G network build processes. "Maestro", an application co-developed by Appian and TELUS International for TELUS, represents a significant milestone in TELUS’ quest for ongoing and future-proofed operational excellence. By integrating process automation, Maestro has revolutionized the way TELUS manages its network deployment lifecycle, streamlining everything from plan management to milestone tracking. The impact of Maestro on TELUS's operations cannot be overstated. With the ability to handle over 10,000 business activities and consolidate multiple applications, Maestro has become the cornerstone of TELUS' digital ecosystem.

The partnership between TELUS International and Appian extends beyond the confines of a single application. It represents a cultural shift within the organizations that fosters a collaborative environment grounded in agile methodologies and continuous improvement. By embracing these principles, TELUS has set a new standard for excellence in network deployment and automation, ultimately delivering more value to both the company and its customers.

Looking forward

TELUS will continue leveraging Appian's capabilities to further enhance its applications and meet evolving business needs. With a suite of interconnected applications built around Maestro, TELUS is poised to continue driving innovation and redefining the future of telecommunications.

Appian’s low-code process automation platform enables individuals to build applications with a visual interface for faster and democratized application development, helping address skills gaps that many organizations face. By harnessing the potential of AI process automation, TELUS International is not only transforming its own operations but also shaping the future of connectivity for generations to come.

To learn more about the Appian-TELUS International partnership, view the press release.