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System and Process Modernization Gains Momentum at US Defense and Intelligence Agencies

Shari Ingerman, Appian Public Sector
February 15, 2023

Federal agencies and departments need to define a digital strategy, implement governance, and use data and technology to deliver on mission priorities. US defense agencies have recognized the importance of digital transformation, and in keeping with the vision of the US Department of Defense (DoD) CIO—to create “a more secure, coordinated, seamless, transparent, and cost-effective IT architecture that transforms data into actionable information and ensures dependable mission execution”—they have been actively modernizing their systems and processes.

Large modernization projects at US defense agencies.

The US Army is leveraging the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and enhance the overall effectiveness of their operations. Recently, the US Army selected Appian, along with BigBear.AI and Palantir Technologies, to build and deliver their Global Force Information Management (GFIM) system, the future force planning and force management solution for the entire US Army. Using Appian's data fabric, the system will unify multiple legacy applications to provide the US Army with a holistic view of its global force structure, supply real-time data to Army users, and automate tasks.

The US Marine Corps (USMC) is also prioritizing modernization, rolling out the first-of-its-kind Catalyst program, USMC's modern cataloging and provisioning system of record. The Catalyst program saves hours for logisticians, equipment specialists, and item managers by integrating people, processes, and data across mission-critical systems. Developed in just 18 months on the Appian Platform, this groundbreaking and agile application bridges the gap between acquisition activities and logistics processes to manage and automate the lifecycle of weapons systems and equipment.

Additionally, the US Air Force selected the Appian Platform to develop a business program devoted to innovation through software and will continue to use Appian to develop mission-centric workflows and applications going forward.

Mission-critical solutions designed for purpose and powered by low-code.

Procurement is a vital function at every government agency. To effectively fulfill their missions and use taxpayer dollars wisely, agencies need to acquire goods and services from the right vendor at the right price. But the acquisition process is often fraught with difficulties and delays. Siloed systems and lack of transparency frustrate efforts to comply with mandated frameworks.

Appian delivers the only complete and modern procurement solution suite designed for the unique process and compliance needs of government agencies. Appian Government Acquisition is a suite of solutions trusted by leading defense and civilian agencies. It’s FedRAMP-certified and IL4/IL5-compliant, and it leverages all of Appian’s critical capabilities—data fabric, process automation, total experience, and process mining—to modernize and accelerate procurement workflows and processes.

Five years ago, the US Air Force engaged Appian to design CON-IT, a modern contract writing system for the DoD. This system has saved the Air Force countless hours of manual effort and is now considered the gold standard for how a contract writing system should look. And the US Air Force is close to deploying two additional projects using Appian, where there is a need to unify data across disparate systems and make it actionable.

From the successful implementation of the CON-IT contract writing system years ago to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) IDEAs system that consolidates all procurement communications and information in a single application—and to more recent implementations with the Naval Energetic Systems and Technologies (NEST) and  US Cyber Command—Appian Government Acquisition solutions continue to serve agencies and deliver more value through new software releases.

Another area ripe for modernization is case management. Case management is ubiquitous in the public sector, but processes can often be arduous to streamline. Building a strong case management system can save time and effort and frees employees for higher value work. Appian supports agencies with solutions for popular forms of case management, such as process-to-decision case management and investigative, incident, and service delivery.

Authorized as a trusted cloud service provider.

Why do so many DoD agencies and other public sector organizations trust Appian? Here’s just one reason: Appian provides industry-leading security and platform availability.

In February of 2021, Appian was one of the first low-code vendors to receive a provisional authorization to operate at Impact Level 5 (IL5) in cloud environments—the DoD’s highest level of authorization granted to environments storing and processing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), mission-critical information, and national security systems information—giving IT practitioners confidence that their Appian-built applications and workflows are secure.

Building a future-ready organization.

Digital innovation is transforming the way federal agencies operate, allowing for more open and transparent governance, better collaboration, and greater agility. With Appian, agencies are empowered to deliver on their mission priorities today and transform into future-ready organizations that are better prepared for tomorrow.

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