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5 Updates Developers Will Love in Appian 23.4

April Schuppel, Senior Developer Advocate
November 13, 2023

Appian 23.4 is here! As usual, this release is full of new and enhanced capabilities that speed up development and make your work easier. 

Read on for the highlights, and watch the 23.4 Product Announcement webinar or read the release notes for more on what’s new in this release.

1. Automatically query fields referenced in your start form.

Related actions make it quick and easy for users to interact with your data, and now we've made it even easier for you to configure those related actions. 

Starting this release, rv!record will automatically query the fields referenced in your start form.

Now anyone can quickly configure and maintain powerful related actions with minimal effort without having to specify each record field needed for an action or update the context expression when you add fields to the record type.

2. Create a modern look and feel with the new sidebar layout.

Our new sidebar layout introduces more options to help you create a modern look and feel for your sites that your users will love. 

This easily configurable and natively responsive layout gives you the same branding options as the header bar layout, while providing more flexible design for site navigation and style. Now, you can deliver an elite UI with a first-class navigation experience to your users with minimal effort.

3. Quickly create multilingual apps with the translation set design object.

Appian 23.4 makes developing applications for all of your users, no matter their language, faster and easier than ever before. The new translation set design object dramatically reduces the development time for multilingual applications and provides your users with the best possible experience in their preferred language.

Translation strings can be created directly from your interface in both expression and design modes, allowing you to set up the framework for translating your application as you build. You can even edit existing translation strings in your interface so you don’t have to break your development flow.

4. Configure parameters faster and with more accuracy.

Adding valid values for parameters in your expressions is faster and simpler than ever. 

Just start typing between the empty quotes of any parameter that supports text, and the expression editor lets you quickly select from a list of valid values. This means less typing and checking the documentation. And best of all? No typos to troubleshoot.

5. Easily link to site pages with site URL context.

Complex methods of linking to sites are a thing of the past. Last release we introduced the ability to link to portal pages using URL parameters. And with this release, you can now use the new a!urlForSite() function to link to site pages, allowing you to use URL parameters to pass information to site pages. 

This function directly references the site page using the new site! domain, and allows you to link between different sites and environments without using constants to keep your links up to date. 

With these features, complex methods of linking to sites will be a thing of the past.

See what else is new in Appian 23.4.

Watch the on-demand Product Announcement webinar hosted by Appian’s SVP of Product Strategy, Malcolm Ross.