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Appian 23.3: Supercharge AI with a Platform Approach

Rachel Nizinski, Appian
August 21, 2023

AI is a top action item on the priority list of every leading organization. And as the AI frenzy unfolds, some of the promises about what AI could deliver have become less clear, complicated by matters of security, data, and ultimately, business value.

Appian 23.3 builds on Appian’s existing AI capabilities and makes it easier than ever to  operationalize AI within your enterprise. The new Appian AI Copilot is a design assistant that combines AI with Appian's low-code development console, so you can use generative AI to get work done faster and accelerate application delivery.

But we’re not stopping there. Appian 23.3 also delivers the most powerful data fabric yet, so you can leverage the full potential of your enterprise data to drive informed business decisions. Plus, we’ve made it even easier to create, manage, and deploy robotic tasks to further optimize the role of automation in your critical business processes.

It’s all part of our platform approach—using technologies like AI, data fabric, process automation, and low-code to generate impactful insights for your business, provide better user experiences, and get work done faster.

Watch the Product Announcement Webinar for a full recap of what’s new in Appian 23.3.

Generate interface forms in seconds with Appian AI Copilot.

In the very near future, organizations  will either be good at AI or bad at business. With Appian AI Copilot, you can  accomplish tasks at record speed and accelerate the delivery of new applications in Appian.

The first Appian AI Copilot capability we’re releasing is our PDF-to-Interface feature.

With the AI Copilot, building an interface directly from a PDF only takes a few seconds. All you need is a PDF with blank form fields. Simply upload your PDF, answer a few questions, and Appian AI Copilot creates an interface for you. You can then review and modify as you need using Appian’s low-code design tools.

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Sync up to 4 millions rows per record with data fabric.

AI alone isn’t going to win the day for your business. Its value is dependent on the data you can feed it. That’s why Appian continues to deliver a more powerful data fabric with each release.

In 23.3, you can now sync up to 4 million rows per record in your data fabric to ensure that as your business grows, your data fabric does too.

We’ve also made it easier to query records and write one-to-many relationships, preserving valuable developer resources and speeding up time to insights. 

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Create, manage, and deploy robotic tasks directly from Appian Designer.

Automation helps free your human capital to do what they do best, combining people, technology, and data into a unified workflow. In this release, we’ve delivered key updates for streamlining the way you manage, monitor, and deploy robotic tasks.

In 23.3, Appian RPA is now unified with Appian Designer, so you can create, manage, and deploy robotic tasks without navigating away to a different page. This drastically reduces the time it takes to add bots to your processes and makes it even easier for less experienced developers to get started with RPA. 

We’re also introducing the Operations Console. Starting with robot management, the Operations Console is designed to empower RPA operations managers with the ability to monitor and control operations from a single point and make data-driven decisions at a glance.

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Create flexible UIs with more interface design choices.

An effective user experience is critical for success, making the difference between a solution that is widely adopted and one that is ignored. Appian 23.3 continues to deliver new features and updates to our total experience capabilities that reduce development effort and maximize user experience.

With 23.3, you can now add secondary menus to Appian Site navigations to provide an easier, more intuitive experience with the new page groups capability.

Plus, we’ve added great new UI options for more flexible interface design. 

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