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6 Key Updates for Developers in Appian 23.3

Rachel Nizinski, Appian
August 21, 2023

The days of back-to-school jitters might be behind you, but the new updates in Appian 23.3 will give you those warm and fuzzy feelings of anticipation all over again. 

These six updates in the Appian 23.3 release are so good you won’t want to wait to try them out.

1. Appian AI Copilot, your new design assistant.

Ever wish that you could pass off tasks that require a lot of copy-paste and endless formatting? Thankfully, with AI, now you can.

  • Harness the combined power of generative AI and low-code to build interfaces in seconds.
  • Team up with AI Copilot to generate an interface form directly from a PDF in just a few clicks—so you can spend more time focusing on creative and exciting projects.

Read the 23.3 release notes on Appian AI Copilot.

2. Enhanced AI Skill Designer.

Explore more freely and build faster with an updated developer experience in the AI Skill Designer.

  • Pick your skill type earlier in the creation process, so you have more opportunity to explore its capabilities before naming the object and giving it a description.

  • Train new models based on previously trained models, allowing you to use the same document types, email types, and training data without having to re-add them. 

  • Test models with sample docs right in the AI Skill Designer, so you can see how the model works before using it in a process. 

Read the 23.3 release notes on AI Skill Designer.

3. Better bot workflows with RPA update.

RPA is now at your fingertips. Create robotic tasks within the Appian Designer and manage robots within the new Operations Console.

  • Create, manage, and deploy robotic tasks directly from Appian Designer for faster, more streamlined processes.

  • Give RPA operations managers an easier way to oversee bots in the new Operations Console, so they can monitor and control operations from a single point. 

  • Group robots based on their unique roles and capabilities with new robot pools. Just choose the appropriate robot pool for robotic tasks, and any available robot in the pool can execute it. 

Read the 23.3 release notes on RPA.

4. The most powerful data fabric yet.

You can now write records and related records in a single node, track automated events, and sync even more data.

  • Write one-to-many relationships and query related data faster and more easily with the enhanced Write Records smart service.

  • Track which type of automation completed an event with the automationTypeId field so you can better understand and optimize your business processes.

  • Sync up to 4 million rows of data for each record type and run more concurrent queries.

Read the 23.3 release notes on data fabric.

5. More design choices for sites and portals.

This release, you’ll find new features for portals, sites, and interfaces that make development faster and easier.

  • Add secondary menus to navigation for Appian Sites to provide an easier, more intuitive experience with the new page groups capability.

  • Pass information to your portals with encrypted-by-default URL parameters, so you can easily link to a specific use case, like showing a grid with pre-set filters. 

  • Create flexible UIs with more interface design choices for grids, images, checkboxes, radio buttons, and billboard layouts, and more. 

Read the 23.3 release notes on total experience.

6. Programmatic and asynchronous exports.

Enjoy significant improvements to exporting applications and packages that make deployment even easier.

  • Exports can now be triggered programmatically—giving you a seamless, automated deployment experience from export to import.

  • All manual and programmatic exports will now occur asynchronously, so you can continue other work while your export runs in the background.

Read the 23.3 release notes on deployment.

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