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Want to Modernize Your Banking Processes? Meet Us at Sibos to Discuss How

Marianne Elie, Director, Financial Services Industry Marketing
August 15, 2022

Year after year, Sibos brings together thousands of business leaders, decision makers, and topic experts from across the financial ecosystem. As a longstanding supporter of the conference, the Appian Financial Services team is thrilled to be back in person and exhibiting at the RAI Center this October. Based on the record-breaking attendance of our own Appian World conference last April, we’re certain this event will revive the power of in-person networking and generate meaningful conversations on modernizing banking processes. 

This year’s theme focuses on progressive finance for a changing world, recognizing the need to embrace digital transformation, successfully navigate new risks, and drive sustainability and ethical change. At its core, Appian is the low-code unified platform for change. It is extremely well equipped to help organizations facing unprecedented challenges adapt and grow their bottom line in uncertain times.

In a recent article in the Global Banking and Finance Review magazine, Guy Mettrick, Global Industry Manager for Financial Services at Appian, explained that successful businesses of the future will be those that can adapt to new priorities by operating with more intelligence and automation. When meeting our experts at Sibos, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss ways Appian can help pave the way for the future of banking. Here’s how:

Modernize banking processes.

With little to differentiate banks when it comes to basic current account functions, companies need to offer more to their customers. This is especially important with the threat to traditional high street banks from the newer, more agile app-based challenger banks and other fintech competitors. Companies need new products, new approaches, and new ideas to attract and retain customers. They also need to deliver them quickly and be able to change them to meet evolving business and regulatory needs if they are to remain competitive. This all points to automation, which 31% of financial services executives say will be one of the most important technologies of the next 12 months.

Innovate with speed.

Low-code is emerging as a way to help firms innovate fast without the heavy lift and lengthy timelines associated with traditional software development. Unsurprisingly, low-code was a shining light during the pandemic, when firms had to roll out new applications quickly to help workers and customers adapt to working and living in lockdown. Looking ahead, it now has an integral role to play in enabling firms to accelerate delivery of emerging technologies. A unified platform like Appian’s improves collaboration across departments because business decision makers can see and contribute to the software being developed in real time, resulting in a faster time to value.

Creating real differentiators.

Now more than ever, customers expect ease of access via secure mobile banking apps. They expect banks to proactively detect and prevent fraud, reducing customers’ risk exposure. This is an exciting time for banks to use low-code to not only become more secure organizations but also more innovative ones. They will be able to move faster and stay ahead of the competition by creating genuinely unique solutions that will increase loyalty and ultimately the bottom line.

Join Appian at Sibos and secure your meeting with us today to learn how low-code automation is modernizing the banking industry.