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This Is No Time To Waffle On Complete Automation

Tonya Severance, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Appian
August 3, 2022

Here’s something to know about me. I love breakfast food. With a capital “L.” And I have for my whole life. So it’s kind of surprising that I only recently added a crepe pan to my collection of kitchen tools. 

This crepe pan is great. It’s non-stick, but made from all-natural materials, and it’s the perfect size. I could even use it to cook bacon. Or scramble eggs. But I won't. 

Just like I wouldn't use an RPA bot to get data from a system that has an API readily available. 

There are appropriate tools for all of the different tasks associated with cooking breakfast and there are different automation capabilities that are better used to automate certain kinds of tasks, use cases, and workflows. 

Businesses looking to improve operational excellence and achieve digital transformation, while delivering the efficiencies and savings that are promised by the idea of automation, need a suite of unified automation tools to enhance their workflows and enable them to unlock material business results—this is complete automation

The Appian suite of complete automation capabilities makes it easy for businesses to build sound, sustainable, and scalable automation strategies across the entire enterprise by unifying the power of RPA, intelligent document processing (IDP), artificial intelligence (AI), Smart Services, Decision Rules, and Integrations into one platform.  

Once upon a time, RPA was considered the de facto automation capability. But now that the market has grown, and the Appian suite of complete automation capabilities has expanded, businesses are seeing new opportunities in using the right tool for the right use case—all within the Appian platform.

With cost-savings and process efficiencies (including minimizing the technical debt associated with clunky automation protocols) being top-of-mind for business leaders—especially as we potentially face an economic recession—there has never been a better time to ensure you’re using the most effective and efficient tools for the tasks you’re automating. 

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