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Appian Portals Make the Grade at the University of Wollongong

Pam Benke, Senior Manager, Product Marketing
September 15, 2022

University of Wollongong

The summer is just about over and the new school year is starting in the U.S

For many parents it’s time to complete paperwork with their children, and for those starting a new university, registration or transfer paperwork is overwhelming. 

So when I learned that the University of Wollongong in Australia used Appian Portals to create an easier and more seamless enrollment experience for prospective students at their Hong Kong campus, I was excited to highlight this use case to show how low-code development can make academic life easier. 

Since July 2015, UOW College Hong Kong has been part of the global network of the University of Wollongong, Australia. Prospective students have had to tackle the enrollment process via paper forms which can be time consuming, difficult to track and, most importantly, harm the environment.

This was the perfect opportunity to utilize the speed and flexibility of Appian Portals to build an engaging experience that supports students' enrollment process. This portal allows them to perform a number of tasks quickly and without the delays of waiting for their student IDs to be issued. In addition to enrolling in courses they’ve successfully applied for, they can use it to finish uploading outstanding documentation required to finalize their enrollment - these documents are passed through Appian and into the Hong Kong Student CRM system. 

According to Cliff Buckingham, BPM Team Leader at the University of Wollongong,"Now with Appian Portals, prospective students from our Hong Kong campus can enroll in courses and upload required documentation for their applications. Appian Portals allows us to further streamline our operations, and provide service to our students more efficiently than ever before."

The proof is in the use case 

The University of Wollongong has enhanced their service for prospective students in Hong Kong by moving away from a manual paper process to a seamless digital experience. A student’s interaction with the university is easy and fast with the new portal even before they are officially registered. 

Ideal use cases in other industries for a portal built with Appian Portals include: 

  • Starting a workflow: Report a utility outage that sends a task to a technician.
  • Submitting information: Submit issues, complaints or suggestions.
  • Reporting information: Report on public financial data with dashboards and other visual elements.
  • Initiate policy quotes: Request a car or homeowners insurance quote. 
  • Scheduling/Registration: Schedule a college visit or register volunteers for an event.

The Power of Appian Portals 

Appian Portals has enabled many organizations to create external interfaces that deliver seamless user experiences and securely connect to their internal workflows and data without requiring users to login. Financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, manufacturers, education providers, and more have discovered the value of portals for a variety of use cases. And it’s all thanks to low-code. With low-code, a portal can be designed, published, and managed faster than using traditional web development. And more importantly than speed, every Appian Portals inherits the security of the Appian platform, so our low-code portals are more secure than those built with traditional web tools and languages.


  • Request a quote
  • Report a claim 
  • Confirm contact information


  • Request an appointment
  • Find a doctor
  • Report an incident

Public Sector

  • Apply for a grant
  • Check refund status
  • Report an incident 
  • Review public records


  • Schedule a university visit
  • Find a degree program
  • Check credit transfers
  • Confirm contact information


  • Self-registration
  • Report a service outage
  • Check outage status

Financial Services

  • Onboard customers
  • Report issues (SEC whistleblower) 
  • Report on public financial data

Are you ready for Appian Portals? 

At this point I hope your juices are flowing and that you’re wondering how your business or institution can use Appian Portals. Are you missing opportunities to build fast rapport with external users who can eventually become customers or enrolled students, like in the case of the University of Wollongong? Get more ideas from our ebook, Top 4 Traits of Powerful Portals

And try Appian Portals and the entire Appian Low-Code Platform for free with Appian Community Edition.