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Appian 22.4: Codeless Data Fabric (Plus Better Portals, DevOps, Process Mining, Security, and More)

Marcelo Andrieu, Technical Product Marketing Manager
November 11, 2022

Our mission to help you improve and streamline how you operate continues. Process automation is the foundation of what we do. Appian 22.4 brings Appian Data Fabric, a wealth of new features, and a unified software development lifecycle experience that stretches across the entire platform to simplify and accelerate all your most critical business processes.

  • Appian Data Fabric adds power and agility for faster development and apps that integrate with any third-party system—no data migration or APIs required.
  • Total experience capabilities ensure every user inside and out of your organization has what they need at their fingertips.
  • Process automation improvements eliminate error-prone and repetitive tasks.
  • Appian Process Mining drives continuous improvement for workflows and applications.

If you want to learn about everything new in Appian 22.4, check out the 22.4 release webinar.

Highlights from the 22.4 release:

Introducing Data Fabric: Appian just got even faster.

Gartner defines data fabric as “a design concept that serves as an integrated layer (fabric) of data and connecting processes.” Appian Data Fabric lets you connect your applications to data in any third-party system—no data migration or APIs required. And when you make changes to the data in the systems it lives in, those changes are immediately reflected in your apps.

In Appian 22.4, we’re streamlining codeless data modeling even more and making it easier to add reference data to your applications. We've also made it easier to examine your model by adding more information about where your data comes from and letting you expand the diagram so it’s easier to visualize.

Unified Appian Portals design and DevOps experience.

With Appian’s intuitive design experience and versatile functionality, you can build sophisticated and engaging portals with ease. The new portal design object allows you to easily create, build, test, and deploy portals right from Appian Designer. In addition, we added a helpful branding preview, a simple way to manage your portals’ publication status and metrics.

Restyled Process Modeler.

Earlier this year, we updated the look and feel of the Appian Designer views, and continuing in that vein, in 22.4, we’ve modernized the Appian Process Modeler. As always, you’ll find the same powerful and flexible functionality to build even the most complex process models, combined with a new state-of-the-art look and experience. The new badge, node, and smart service icons are intuitive with a clean, modern design.

Unified Process Mining experience.

In Appian 22.4, all of the management pages are now consolidated into one central place to make Appian Process Mining easier to navigate. You can add, edit, share, and delete logs and process scorecards, models, dashboards, and filters. As an added bonus, we’ve also added new guidance on each of the management hub pages to help steer you in the right direction when you’re just getting started.

Maximized security and compliance posture.

Appian ensures your peace of mind by keeping your applications, data, and operations secure and compliant with local and global regulations.

The Appian platform and Appian Cloud are built from the ground up for security, scalability, and reliability and meet multiple industry security standards for compliance and data privacy.

Key security capabilities of Appian 22.4:

  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK). With BYOK, each customer provides an encrypted Data Encryption Key (DEK) to be used on their behalf and has complete control over how their DEK is used, how long it remains in use, and when it should be made inaccessible.
  • Appian Cloud Database Encryption. This feature provides customers an additional level of data protection, safeguarding against unauthorized access via the filesystem or physical drives. For tables that enable database encryption, data is encrypted in real time before being written to disk, and it’s decrypted when database queries are executed.
  • Log streaming. Customers can stream and copy log and alert information into their own SIEM environment, correlate it with additional data collected, and look for anomalous patterns across multiple attack vectors, greatly increasing the effectiveness of continuous monitoring efforts for security, industry certifications, and internal audits.

For a more detailed look into the Appian 22.4 release features, check out our release notes or watch the 22.4 release webinar.