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Introducing Appian Mobile Complete Offline Capabilities

Lauren Papagalos, Product Marketing Manager
November 4, 2021

We all know how frustrating it can be to lose a network connection, especially while we’re working. That’s why Appian is excited to introduce complete offline mobile capabilities to Appian Mobile as part of the 21.4 release. Mobile offline capabilities allow employees to use their mobile business apps with or without a network connection.

Mobile offline capabilities are critical for field employees, from technicians to delivery drivers, who work outside office settings and travel for their jobs. This new feature will dramatically improve productivity and user experience by seamlessly allowing users to go from online to offline and back again.

How mobile offline capabilities work.

With Appian Mobile, employees can check in and accept and track work using a mobile enterprise app. When a user is online, the mobile app connects to the server to check for any tasks assigned to them and downloads those tasks onto the user’s device. The user can then access and perform these tasks without a network connection, and any tasks performed offline are queued locally to the device. Once the user reconnects to a network, whether Wi-Fi or cellular, the tasks are automatically sent to the server to process. These offline capabilities work across iOS and Android devices. 

For more information, check out this step-by-step overview of Appian Mobile offline capabilities. 

Increase productivity everywhere, even when offline.

Appian Mobile offline capabilities allow field employees to do the following—and more—from their mobile devices:

  • Take, manage, and fulfill customer orders.
  • Track shipments and deliveries across the supply chain.
  • Complete field inspections and audits.
  • Provide real-time work order scheduling. 
  • Conduct service tasks for assets and infrastructure.
  • Check inventory at stores and warehouse

Appian Mobile in the field.

Enterprises across industries have saved a significant amount of time and money by equipping field employees with enterprise business  apps. See how they are driving results with Appian Mobile.

Loblaws – $1M+ saved by eliminating paper-based processing with an app that improved the dispatch process, speeding up delivery time.

T-Mobile – Twenty-two mobile applications developed and deployed in four years across the US to support complex network provisioning and tower site selection processes for field operation employees.

Ryder – 50% reduction in transaction time with a mobile app and digital signature feature that streamlines renting, returning, and dispatching vehicles. 

Learn more about Appian Mobile and how it can boost productivity in the field.