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How Automation Leads to More Meaningful Work in Financial Services

Tonya Severance, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Appian
September 28, 2021

Last month, we unveiled Appian 21.3 with new product enhancements that help customers develop apps and automations even faster. And now, we’re excited to announce updates to Appian RPA that simplify the already-easy Appian low-code experience even more—including the reveal of the new Appian RPA task recorder that allows you to record browser automations right from your workflow designer. 

As a refresher, we released RPA 7.10 along with Appian 21.3, including the “wait for an element and save the result” enhancement that makes it simpler to manage intermittent pop-ups that can potentially interrupt your bots and create unnecessary maintenance tasks for your staff. When an element is not found in the specified wait time, you can now store the result as a Boolean variable and use it later in the workflow. Use this capability to check if an element exists without generating an exception if the element isn't found. 

We also unveiled the preview version of the Appian RPA task recorder (we call it “preview” because it is not yet feature-complete but still has great value to add in this early iteration) that allows you to build a workflow by simply interacting with a web browser. A step is recorded each time you click or type, and it's easy to identify which elements you want to extract data from, too. This new task recorder has all the relevant functionality of the Selenium IDE tool, except it's automatically installed on your resource without any separate setup, and you can launch it directly from the workflow designer.

This month, we released RPA 7.11 with even more enhancements to the task recorder and a more simplified and streamlined way to test and debug your bots.  

Now when using the task recorder, developers can create variables to use within the recorder— streamlining the design experience and allowing them to simply launch the task recorder to get started and add variables later when they’re needed. The task recorder also now detects when you're typing in a username or password field and sets the interaction type automatically. How’s that for simple? 

We also made it easier to debug robots directly from the execution page with a new, streamlined workflow that allows users to view a robot when setting breakpoints or disabling actions. 

And don’t forget to check out the new workflow list view. New to 7.11, this user experience update streamlines the design process. We’ve also made it easy to switch back to the traditional view any time you’d like and without losing your progress. 

If you’re not yet using Appian RPA or intelligent document processing (IDP) to automate more of your processes and workflows but think you might have a good use case, see if our Automation Kick-Start or IDP Kick-Start might be right for you.