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Appian RPA 7.12 Updates Drive Faster Automation

Tonya Severance, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Appian
October 29, 2021

Appian RPA 7.12 is now live to help you build and execute automation faster than ever. Here are some of the upgrades and improvements available in the new release:

RPA task recorder in list flow. 

We know you’re looking to improve time to value wherever possible. So we’ve made it faster and easier to find certain features and functionality—like the RPA task recorder—right within your top-down, accordion list flow. 

Conditional methods for robotic tasks.

Appian RPA now provides a convenient and intuitive method for executing or skipping workflow steps depending on conditional factors. You can use the displayed “if” statement dialogue boxes to easily create conditions so you can automate even the most complex workflows, fast. 

Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer compatibility mode. 

One of the main reasons Appian customers love Appian RPA is because it enables them to automate processes involving old legacy systems and applications that don't have standard integration points. Appian RPA now supports Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer compatibility, so if your process has touchpoints in Edge, with this new release you can build those as robotic processes.

RPA action group looping.

Now you can reuse any segment of your robotic workflow by looping the action(s) to repeat as many times as necessary. This makes your development efforts more efficient and less time consuming when steps need to be repeated. 

RPA robotic subprocesses.

We have made it easier for you to build and execute a robotic process within a larger existing robotic process when your workflow calls for it, saving you development and building time so you can start driving value faster than ever before. 

Highlight element when editing (preview).

When you're building automations with the goal of executing tasks fast, you need confidence every step of the way. This new feature reassures developers that they are making accurate and efficient edits to process workflows by highlighting the element that is currently under review or being edited. We expect this feature to have even more functionality in later releases, which is why we’re releasing it in preview mode for now.

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