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Appian Community Edition is Here!

Marcelo Andrieu, Technical Product Marketing Manager
June 22, 2021

Appian is excited to announce the launch of Appian Community Edition!

Appian Community Edition is our free version of the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform for Appian Community members who want to learn how to build business applications or improve their skills.


Appian Community Edition provides hands-on experience for everyone, including developers, IT professionals, automation professionals, university students, prospective customers, current Appian customers, and Appian partners. Developers can use Appian Community Edition to quickly build and test low-code applications with a free, unlimited-time developer environment.

Appian Community Edition allows members to:

  • Prepare to become an Appian Certified Associate Developer.
  • Build applications and use them in production.
  • Explore different use cases and learn about Appian.
  • Get unified access to product and learning resources.

Community Members have access to extensive learning resources as well as active discussion forums with tons of self-help questions and answers. Users, technically or non-technically savvy, can explore the Appian Platform in a dedicated development environment and access virtually all Appian product features and management capabilities for a more complete experience.

Plus, members can build and collaborate with fellow developers within the Community.

To get started with Appian Community Edition, visit the My Learning Journey page in Appian Community and request your Appian Community Edition to start building applications and learning. For instructions and more Appian Community Edition information, read the Appian Community Edition User Guide.