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Appian 21.4: Further Extend the Reach and Impact of Your Organization

Rob Vanderzyppe, Appian
November 18, 2021

As digital transformation continues full steam ahead across all industries, organizations are challenged by limited resources in a setting where speed to market is essential. We’re excited to announce Appian 21.4, which has new capabilities that extend the reach of your organization, delivering powerful mobile, AI, and data capabilities that let you connect with your customers anywhere.

Only have a few minutes? Check out our video overview of the release: 

Otherwise, here are some of our favorite highlights from the release: 

Appian-native intelligent document processing (IDP).

Getting information from documents is an extremely manual and time-consuming process. This type of task is best done with the assistance of AI and automation. In Appian 21.4, we have added native AI-based intelligent document processing (IDP) that allows business users to easily extract data from documents and embed it into any business process. IDP can quickly be set up in Appian, leveraging pre-trained AI models for instant extraction and easy classification for rapid solution deployment. To ensure the security standards you expect from an enterprise platform, our native IDP capabilities are also SOC2 compliant. Not sure how this can impact your organization? Check out our IDP ROI calculator to find out just how much time you can save by eliminating tedious data entry with IDP. 

Appian mobile offline capabilities.

Using applications in areas without a reliable network and internet connection is essential for many different operations, including inspections, auditing, and engineering. Appian mobile offline capabilities enables you to create offline UI experiences that are on par with Appian online interfaces so employees can be productive from anywhere, regardless of connectivity. 

Powerful data fabric reporting.

Reporting can be tricky. Oftentimes it requires high coding skills, like database manipulation, expression coding, or using custom API definitions. In 21.4 we aim to make reporting easier with data fabric that saves hours of coding and deployment effort.  Specifically, we provided you more power and flexibility with capabilities including: 

  • Aggregate across record types and filters.
  • Records-powered charts.
  • Custom record search.

Faster Appian application knowledge transfer.

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to application development. In Appian 21.4, we made it even easier for new developers to get up to speed on their organization’s apps: 

  • To quickly learn how a site was made or debug it, click the Show Objects button and explore the page’s underlying objects.
  • Quickly add/upload application documentation (e.g., ERD diagrams, requirements, SOPs, best practice checklists, etc.) within Appian Designer to help new team members ramp up faster.

New robotic process automation (RPA) task recorder (preview).

Organizations are challenged with large amounts of manual and repetitive tasks that are time consuming and error-prone. With Appian RPA you can add bots to any workflow to quickly and easily automate these tasks. Now, in Appian 21.4, you have the ability to record actions directly from your desktop and bring them into a streamlined drag-and-drop flow designer to build an RPA workflow. This latest enhancement provides an improved flow that significantly decreases the time to deliver desktop automation.

For a more extensive look into the 21.4 release, check out our release notes or watch our 21.4 release webinar, where we deep dive into our latest enhancements that help your organization improve business results and maximize resources.