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DoD Customers Securely Access DODIN Hosted Appian Applications From Their Mobile Devices

Ray Wulff
August 4, 2020

Appian, in cooperation with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) engineers and the United States Marine Corps, now supports mobile access to Appian applications within the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN). This enables access to the Appian platform, as well as Appian applications and solutions deployed in a DODIN Cloud-approved enclave (AWS, GovCloud, Azure, etc.) via any DOD-approved iOS or Android mobile device.

Appian made DODIN access possible by adding support for DISA's Purebred mobile security solution. Users receive a client certificate to DOD-approved devices via their Common Access Card (CAC). After a one-time set-up, users can access the DODIN network and the Appian platform through an encrypted, secure connection on their mobile device with their CAC credentials.

The move towards remote work made it imperative for Appian to provide this secure gateway to the Department of Defense. This secure functionality allows users to conduct business as usual--whether in the office, on the ground, or deployed--and keep the mission moving.

This capability, originally a request of the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Command, can be leveraged by any organization that adheres to DISA mobile guidelines under the Purebread construct. Connectivity adheres to NIST, OMB, DISA, and HSPD memorandums relevant to DODIN network access. The gateway works with any approved hyper-scaler (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google) connected to the DODIN network.

Organizations can deploy the capability over a FedRAMP Authorized Cloud, fully managed IL4 and IL5 services, MilCloud, AWS GovCloud, or Microsoft Azure. The extensive security architecture of the Appian platform complies with federal standards and certifications including FedRAMP, FISMA, HIPAA, SOC 2, and SOC 3.

Appian mobile DODIN access is already at work at the Marine Corps Recruiting Command Information Support System II (MCRISS II), supporting 100% of the Marine Corps's recruiters. The new capability allows recruiters to set up a mobile, secure, and connected environment in the field, facilitating the recruitment and accession of approximately 40,000 new Marines each year.

With Appian's mobile offline capabilities, the Marine Corps can leverage all the data, context, and files that field operations need to complete tasks from their mobile device. Recruiters can access files and data to perform work offline in a facility or location with degraded communications. The application automatically queues and synchronizes offline tasks when connectivity is re-established.

Beyond this use case, we see the secure mobile access capability extending the Appian platform into remote inspections, collection, and documentation for users within the CONUS or forward deployed. Earlier this year, the Marine Corps included the Appian platform on its list of approved Platform as a Service (PaaS) tools for application development within the organization. USMC Functional Area Managers may leverage this capability for any aligned use cases, including case management, logistics, asset and supply chain management, and forward-deployed intelligence collection.

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