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Building Apps Faster with Appian 20.2

Appian Contributor
June 15, 2020

Speed and agility should be on everyone's mind right now. For IT projects today, it's not enough to simply build the right thing. You need to ship a new product or application fast and be able to change features as the situation warrants it.

Appian 20.2, the latest release of our low-code automation platform, offers new features designed to help you build better apps faster. For example, we're excited to introduce AI-driven recommendations for process models. This feature analyzes the attributes of a model and makes intelligent recommendations based on the next-most-likely operation. Developers are able to quickly build and change out their workflow so they can focus on the next task sooner.

But applications aren't finished once they are built. They also need to be tested, approved, and deployed. We're excited to introduce several new features to our deployment wizard that bring the speed of low-code to DevSecOps. Instead of relying on third-party tools for coverage, you'll be able to execute test cases in bulk as part of the deployment process and analyze tests within the same deployment package. You'll also have the ability to deploy plugins, along with application and database scripts. These features shorten the time it takes to deploy and change applications while enabling you to maintain the level of quality your enterprise applications need.

Appian offers dozens of other notable features with this release, including:

    • More fine-grained control of interfaces

    • Pre-built UI themes, patterns, and templates

    • Faster integrations with other services via Appian Records

    • Better robotic process automation (RPA) visibility and easier RPA deployments

    • More intuitive intelligent document processing

If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out the 20.2 Product Announcement Webinar to learn more. If you want to see all of these features yourself, register for a free trial today.