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Appian Delivery Methodology allows customers to realize faster time to value, better teamwork, and higher adoption

Brian Foster
September 17, 2020

With the blistering pace of digital transformation, disruption won't wait for organizations to adapt. In fact, the most important application you write from year to year might be software you have only weeks to write. The best option for success is a software delivery methodology that delivers value fast. Which is where our newly published Appian Delivery Methodology comes in.

Why Appian Delivery Methodology?

Appian is built to enable speed and power, but to successfully unlock the full benefits, teams need to approach the development process differently. Based on years of Low-Code development experience, the Appian Delivery Methodology reduces and eliminates many of the constraints imposed by "high-code" development approaches. It helps you accelerate development cycles to allow you to test more rapidly and leverage smaller, cross-functional teams, making it easier to collaborate.

What is the Appian Delivery Methodology?

The Appian Delivery Methodology shows how to optimize certain development steps and eliminate others entirely. It is built on the foundations of Agile development practices and enriched by our years of experience delivering solutions for customers of all sizes and industries. It comprises four steps: Initiate, Build, Release, and Optimize. These steps are iterative and incremental, allowing teams to move quickly, and test and make improvements along the way.

What we Believe

The Appian Delivery Methodology is driven by five core principles.

    • Deliver value, fast. Optimize the flow of ideas to produce applications, fast.

    • Stay focused on the why': Use design thinking techniques to fully explore the business problem, and design solutions that have the most impact.

    • Embrace co-creation: Prioritize collaboration; the best solutions emerge when business partners and developers work and build together.

    • Organize around small, agile teams. Work in small and stable teams, allowing for faster outcomes.

    • User-centric design: Put users first and at the center of the design process.

By following the principles and practices of the Appian Delivery Methodology, customers will be able to maximize their investment and realize a greater responsiveness to changing business needs - and a faster time to value.

Visit our resource center to learn more about the Appian Delivery Methodology.You'll also find tools and templates to help you accelerate application delivery at your own organization.