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Appian 20.4 - Driving Hyperautomation into 2021

Michael Rahm, Director, Product Marketing
December 8, 2020

With the Appian 20.4 release, we've made it faster and easier to build new applications, extend legacy systems, and automate any business processes.

2021 is the year of Hyperautomation. Your workforce will be fully enabled by AI, bots, and other automation technologies in seamless interactions and processes. Appian is the only platform that orchestrates people, processes, bots and AI in a single workflow.

Automate your organization faster with Appian 20.4

With the 20.4 release, Appian delivers the most complete and unified set of Hyperautomation capabilities to automate enterprise processes at the speed of low-code.

    • Automate Tasks Even Faster: Low-code RPA lets you record workflows and build bots fast within end-to-end processes to automate at scale.

    • Eliminate Manual Document Processing: Leverage Appian's new native Intelligent Document Processing document extraction AI to avoid sending sensitive documents to 3rd party cloud services, or use Google's Document AI to increase your straight through processing.

    • Better Data, Faster Results: New Appian Records capabilities help you integrate, unify, and act on disparate data sources and rapidly build apps, faster and easier than before.

These features, and more, will help you kick off your 2021 transformation goals with a bang. Bringing teams back to work safely, reimagining processes, automating workflows, and building new customer experiences are all possible with Appian. To learn more about this release in detail, visit and watch the 20.4 Product Announcement webinar here.

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