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Achieving Full-Stack Automation in 20.1

Appian Contributor
March 13, 2020

At the time of writing this, Appian CEO Matt Calkins just announced that Appian World would be transitioning to a virtual event over concerns about COVID-19. My first reaction was a mixed bag of disappointment--now I wouldn't get to hang out with people I haven't seen in a year--and relief knowing that we're prioritizing our community's safety above all else.

Then I noted the irony of the situation. Being able to adjust to changing conditions is core to the two major automation features we're announcing in 20.1: Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which automates high-volume, repeatable tasks, and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), which uses AI to quickly extract and classify data from huge quantities of incoming documents. As I was writing about how these great new features bring valuable solutions to existing automation challenges, I realized we're living in a real-world example of why we need humans in the loop when our normal processes change. For me, COVID-19 is an excellent reminder that your happy path will fail at times and that good exception handling is critical to any process.

Appian RPA, IDP, and the rest of our full-stack automation platform have exception handling baked directly into their design. When bots fail or AI is unable to structure data, you need a robust process management solution to get humans to correct the issue fast. Appian RPA and IDP are that robust solution. I could spend the next 3,000 words describing all of their cool features but instead, I'd like to encourage you to see them in action for yourself by registering for our virtual hands-on lab sessions in the link below.

But 20.1 isn't only about RPA and IDP. This release is packed with other great features like:

    • Mobile-specific enhancements for iOS and Android

    • Improvements to our patented SAIL UI framework

    • Several new enhancements to Appian Records

    • Dozens of improvements to the low-code developer experience

    • Better user management for administrators

    • And much more

Learn about 20.1 Features

Learn about these and other features in the 20.1 Product Announcement Webinar, hosted by Appian Vice President of Product Malcolm Ross.

Join one of our hands-on labs to see Appian IDP or RPA in action, and try it out for yourself!