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Unlocking the Power of IoT in Oil and Gas

Jenna Harvey, Global Manager, Emerging Industries
February 1, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next evolution in the oil and gas industry. In the latest report, Gartner research shares that 47% of oil and gas companies have adopted IoT technologies or are planning to do so.

Organizations have the opportunity to improve business decisions and safety by better leveraging the IoT data produced by network and sensors, as well as controlling key devices in the environment.

However, many organizations have an antiquated and ineffective approach to deriving meaningful data from their critical assets and lack coordinated control. For example, a single drilling rig at an oilfield generates terabytes of data daily, but only a small portion of the data is used for decisions.

What could organizations accomplish if they fully unlocked the power of IoT? These data-driven insights coupled with digital technologies speed innovation and agility through increased operational transparency, process optimization, and ecosystem collaboration.

Digital transformation in the Oil and Gas industry could unlock approximately $1.6 trillion of value for the industry, its customers and wider society.

The time is now to connect field and device data to the executive suite, and coordinate control of key assets, to transform operations and deliver business impact.

How to Take Full Advantage of Data in an IoT World

Appian's low-code digital platform allows oil and gas companies to quickly build productivity applications and automate processes across the organization.

Whether it's processing information, responding to sensor events, or orchestrating physical processes, organizations can leverage and extend their existing process control systems, legacy systems, and other software to deliver more value.

Appian can access and utilize information from aggregate sensor systems (including SCADA systems) to kick off a business process or push out active notifications to an application or device of any kind. Notifications can include triggering of warning lights, sirens, valve shut-off, or even the closing of a security gate.

Here are a few examples where Appian applications pair with IoT to deliver value:

    • Incident Management

    • Asset Preventative Maintenance

    • Field Operations Monitoring

    • Safety Systems

    • Regulatory Compliance

By extending information from devices, sensors, and assets, safety risks are minimized and operators are better informed to make critical decisions.

Digital Business Benefits for Oil & Gas

Appian's Internet of Things capability connects real-world devices to Appian's low-code development platform to extend the reach of your application... and deliver business impact quickly.

In this recent article published in Boss Magazine, discover how a large oil refiner and other organizations are leveraging digital technologies to transform the way they work realizing greater business value.

To learn more, visit our resource center for Energyto explore how a platform that automates processes, provides collaboration, and coordinates control of key assets allows organizations to unlock the full potential of IoT data.

Jenna Harvey

Industry Marketing Manager