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Triple Threat: Appian's Low-Code Platform Increases Productivity, Revenue, and ROI for Customers

Sapana Shah
July 22, 2019

Business and IT, although historically separate, are finding ways to work together. Low-code development is a key component of that collaboration.

Low-code is an innovative, intuitive, and speedy approach to creating powerful enterprise applications. While traditional platforms require tedious, line-by-line coding, low-code begins with a simple drawing.

Working in a flowchart format, users specify an idea for a new business application by clicking, configuring, dragging and dropping. The low-code platform then takes that idea the intention behind the new app and translates it instantly into working software.

Appian takes low-code a step further, beyond speedy, intuitive workflows between business and IT. With Appian, low-code is about gaining the power to turn even the most complex and innovative ideas into applications, faster.

Appian customers love low-code

To illustrate how low-code development using Appian translates to measurable business value, IDC interviewed seven Appian enterprise customers. When these customers deployed Appian's platform, their capabilities grew immensely. Development with Appian's low-code platform and process automation became significantly more efficient and effective.

The Appian customers cited the value of:

    • Easy UI development for both browser and mobile access

    • Rapid prototyping capabilities

    • The ability to collaborate with business users

    • Support for process automation

    • Cloud and on-premise availability

IDC predicts that this group of Appian customers will achieve afive-year ROI of 509%.

Using Appian low-code application development, these customers:

    • Sped up their development lifecycle for new applications by 62% on average

    • Sped up their development lifecycle for new features by 72% on average

    • Achieved additional revenue at an annual average of $14.8 million per organization

    • Experienced an average productivity gain of 123%

Low-code powers apps across the enterprise

Flexible, future-proof low-code applications can be applied to an array of use cases, including customer engagement, customer service, back-office operations, compliance support, and departmental processes. The goal: to provide a better experience for customers and employees alike.

When Appian says low-code gives you the power to transform enterprise-wide applications, we mean it. As our low-code platform translates your idea into an application, the translation process automatically layers in extra power.

For example, does your application need to run natively on every type of mobile device? Do you need easy portability across different clouds? What about features that enable automatic upgrades that always integrate easily to other enterprise systems ñ making apps immune to technical debt? Appian's platform has the power to make it happen, while automatically incorporating best-of-breed security features which comply with the latest and most stringent security standards.

Intelligent process automation for IT professionals

Low-code development has become a no-brainer for IT professionals as well. Appian's low-code platform is equipped with intelligent automation, which combines artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), and built-in integrations to bring people, robots and smart machines together.

For example, consider an organization that uses custom workflows for humans and RPA to automate repetitive tasks. Combining RPA and AI allows for even more dynamic applications. Appian customers see the benefits of intelligent automation throughout their enterprise, including productivity, risk mitigation, and cost reductions in IT infrastructure.

Low-code simplifies application deployment

Appian's low-code platforms include DevOps capabilities that make deploying, managing, and changing applications simple. Deploy a new application to users with a click, on the web or mobile. Changes and updates take effect instantly, with no downtime and no interruption to business operations.

Appian's ROI Assessment CalculatorAppian's ROI Assessment Calculator

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