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Appian 18.1: Ready, Developer One! Your Appian Skills Could Win You Big $$$

Chris Dunn, Regional Vice President - APAC
January 31, 2018

It's not 2045 and we aren't offering control of the Oasis...

Ö.but, you can win some cold hard cash and showcase your Appian swagger. That's right, in addition to announcing the release of Appian version 18.1 we're going to let you use 18.1's amazing new features in an App and compete for the $10k in cash prizes.

Plus you and your App will also be recognized during Appian World 2018!

New features & enhancements in 18.1

So, what are some of the new things you'll be able to use to help you win?

First, you'll be able to create earth shaking UIs with some powerful new interface features.

Second, you can modernize your legacy systems and eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive tasks with the enhancements we've made to our new Robotic Process Automation with Blue Prism offering. And that's just for starters!

Watch our webinar featuring our 18.1 release and see how you can:

    • Boost user experience with capabilities like adjustable column widths and embedded icons in rich text

    • Preview and tailor the mobile look-and-feel of your applications to define the way they look on different device types and form factors

    • Delight users by taking legacy system-based work off their plates, with the improved Blue Prism RPA integration

    • Ensure developers can create applications even faster with productivity-boosting features in Appian Application Designer

    • Highlight your Appian skills and win a part of $10k in cash and prizes in Appian's first ever Hackathon

    • And so much moreÖ..

View the webinar

Chris Dunn, Director, Product Marketing