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Maximize Mobile to Digitally Transform the Business

Kamna Talwar
March 13, 2017

Did you know that 43 percent of people check their smartphones for the first time within five minutes of waking up?

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, ownership of smart devices is on the rise across the board.

    • 77% of people in the US own a smartphone

    • 59% own a tablet device

    • A combined 29% own wearable technology, such as a smartwatch or fitness band

    • Virtual reality is gaining traction too, rising to 8% ownership

A major contributing factor for heavy reliance on mobile devices is the functionality they provide. Yes, these devices allow people to communicate via text and instant messages, audio and even video calls. What's more? People use their mobile devices to interact on social apps, shop and make purchases, browse the Internet, and accomplish daily tasks.

People enjoy using these devices, and they want to use them all the time. The expanded capabilities that modern mobile devices all have these days creates a desire to use them as tools in business...not just in personal life. Leading analyst firm Forrester Research refers to this as the "mobile mindshift." To meet the evolving expectations of digital consumers (which could be customers and employees alike), businesses must optimize their mobile strategies.

Take the example of the University of South Florida, which completely transformed the College of Public Health's advising and course registration process. Using Appian's mobile application development platform, the College of Public Health was able to remove the paper-based student and course catalog information and instead digitize the entire process - and data - in a mobile app. Students can view their own academic record and register, add, and drop courses from their Apple or Android device. The result? The institution slashed the average course registration process from about two weeks to just a few days. Faculty and students, a particularly tough crowd to please when it comes to meeting mobile expectations, are thrilled with the new system.

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Kamna Talwar