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Anyone Can Build an Integrated Survey

Appian Contributor
March 9, 2017

Bienvenue sur mon blog, j'esp re que vous apprÈcierez la lecture!

Did you get that...? No?

Sorry, I've spent the past few days brushing up on my French thanks to nonstop "let's watch Ratatouille!" requests from my son. The story of a mouse who leaves his friends and family, befriends a chef, and ends up wowing one of France's biggest food critics is full of great messages.

But one line really sticks out to me. Gusteau the founder of the famous restaurant featured in the movie repeats the line, "Anyone can cook."

Anyone can cook. He believed anyone possessed the ability to become a chef.

Me? I heard this line echo in my mind over and over again when I heard about Appian's recently launched Survey App.

Just like anyone can cook, with the Appian Survey App, anyone can build a native, fully integrated survey. It's so easy, it's a one-step process!

I know...I know... there are tons of survey apps out there. And, they're mostly super easy, too. But, here's the thing. None of them integrate the data into your corporate ecosystem.

With an Appian Survey App, responses are immediately available in the Appian environment. That means your data is there for reportingÖ

For analysisÖ

For actionÖ


Using this information to fuel future decisions is what makes the Survey App so powerful. Departments can create and deploy applications, then use Surveys to gauge what other departments do or don't like, or any functionality desired for the future.

The feedback loop created by the survey app gives users of all types a low-risk way to acquire data. And with the captured data native in the ecosystem where all the work already takes place, the time it takes to act on the findings? Let's just say it's much, much faster.

Think of all the intelligence you could glean from such a simple, integrated survey app! Here are just a couple of examples:

Customer or Product Survey

Understanding what the customer wants is the fundamental basis of business. A survey to highlight positive or negative interactions with the product, as well as suggest future expectations means the value you deliver will more closely align with their expectations.

Employee Survey

Internal applications require feedback of their own as well. Do your coworkers need anything else from an application? Did it function as expected? Having this knowledge will help improve efficiency between departments.

And really, anything you could possibly imagine!

So yeah... Anyone can cook.

And anyone can build a survey.

The data is right there for the taking, ready to improve your future decisions, giving your stakeholders exactly what they want. And the best part?

Befriending a mouse isn't required.