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Infographic] Measuring The Total Economic Impact: The Benefits Of Appian's Low-Code Platform

Appian Contributor
March 28, 2017

If you are in an organization gearing up its digital transformation, it's likely you're looking at low-code platforms. As this market emerges, it's important to understand the tangible business and IT benefits low-code development can deliver on an enterprise scale.

SoÖwhat is the value of an enterprise low-code platform?

Glad you asked!

Working with existing customers across various verticals, Appian commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform a detailed study of Appian's economic impact on their organizations to determine a total multi-industry benefit of implementation.

The infographic below shows a glance at just a few findings:

Read Forrester's full report to understand how Appian can power your digital transformation efforts and super-charge your organization's agility in record time.