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The Low-Code, Digital Transformation Groove

Roland Alston, Appian
September 16, 2016

In the past, conventionalsoftware developers used hand-coding to build and deploy enterpriseapplications, a slow process that couldtake weeks or even months to complete.

But that's not the case anymore. Nope, low-codeplatforms have turbocharged the app development process, with user-friendlyinterfaces that allow even non-tech business users to create fully-functional, enterprise apps in minutes.

In fact,low-codeallowsyouto build enterprise-grade business apps 10x faster than everbefore.

But here'sthe question. In the hyper-connected digital economy, are you prepared to compete and win? Are your back office systemsresponsive enough to keep pace with fast-changing customer expectations? Agileenoughto outmaneuver competitors, and capitalizeon fast-moving business opportunities?

Yes,low code isyour best path to digital transformationsuccess. Effortless customer interactions. Accelerated app development. And smooth,back office operations. But this is a #Funtime Friday post. So, let's break down this low code postwith a funky musical groove.

Back in the day... in the groovy Sixties...a West Coast band, called Tower of Power revolutionized pop music with a brash(as in excellent), horn-section that put a funkygroove in the Rock and Roll beat. One of their biggest hits was a smash hitcalled "What is Hip?"

Whichinspired this low-code riff. Check it out...

Mic two...

Mic two...

You claim best-in-class in all the right places?

Market leader in self-serveapplications

You should be satisfied, but something ain't quite right.


What is low code??

Tell me, tell me?, you think you know.

?What is low-code??

If you really know?, your digital transformationwill show.


So ya wanna ditch theold-code pack

Ease on into low-code apps

But you ain't exactly sure what is low.

So based on a pundit'stip

?You gave your platform a quick facelift

But somehow, ya know

There's much more to the low-code trip.


What is low-code??

Tell me, tell me, if you think you know.

?What is low-code?

?If you're really low, your digital transformationwill show.


You want to be part of a new breed

?Serve digital customers at top speed?

Hang out with the fast, low-code set.


You deployapps in all the right places

Roll them outat faster paces

?You should be satisfied

But something ain't quite right.


What is low-code??

Tell me, tell me

?You think you know.

?What is low-code?

?If you really know, your digital transformationwill show.


So, you went and found a low-code guru?

In an effort to transform a new you,

And maybe even raise your low-code level.


While you're striving to find the right road,

?There's one thing you should know,?

What'slow-code today, might become passÈ.


What is low-code??

Tell me, tell me?

You think you know.?

What is low-code??

If you really know?, your digital transformationwill show.


Roland Alston

PS: Thanks to Tower of Power for the low-code riff