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Meet Your GxP Compliance in the Cloud [Infographic]

Appian Contributor
November 30, 2016

Staying on top of regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, as laws govern everything from fraud prevention and product labeling to shipping and storage processes. GxP standards are adding another layer of regulatory complexity as they push organizations to ramp up operations in light of the 21st century demands that exist across good manufacturing and other good practices. The rapid rise of new technologies, particularly cloud computing, can makecompliance particularly complicated, but can also hold the keys to deal with emerging challenges.

Pharmaceutical processes are inherently complex, with organizations needing to unify research, production, shipping and overarching management demands all while handling incredibly sensitive materials and data. At the same time, incredible costs and competition in the sector make budgeting outside of core competencies such as on IT infrastructure difficult. This has made the cloud a popular option, but cloud creates data management and transparency challenges that can limitreporting capabilities. It is impossible to comply with a regulatory standard if organizations cannot document operations and prove they fall in line with industry guidelines.

Cloud basedapplication development platformsare tackling these challenges by providing central hubs for process and data integration. App platforms empower organizations to quickly create unique apps based on their specific business process needs and have those solutions integrate with data across the entire platform. This, in turn centralizes information in one secure, cohesive technology ecosystem. With the platform providing this foundation for data to reside securely, business process management solutions provide visibility into everyday processes. These factors add up to create data transparency in even the most complex technology environments, unifying processes and data to bring together information from diverse sources on a single platform.

These capabilities ultimatelysimplify regulatory compliance in the cloud by unifying data to allow for streamlined reporting. Check out the infographic below for more details and learn how to Accelerate Your GxP Compliance in the Cloud in this new eBook.

GxP Compliance in the Cloud

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