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Low-Code Platforms Essential to Enterprise Mobile App Development

Appian Contributor
December 19, 2016

How many apps do you use each day? Do you ever find that you have to jump between so many apps that it gets annoying? If you do, you aren't alone. Mobile apps are taking hold in today's enterprise in a way they haven't in the past, with users being asked to jump through app hoops in order to interact with different clients, colleagues and project stakeholders depending on everybody's preference. Application development platforms can bring some order to this chaotic environment, something that is becoming especially important as more businesses are working to create their own solutions.

The app deluge - Custom isn't a bad thing anymore

Even just a few years ago, being told that you could customize a technology solution may have sent shivers down your spine. You may have found yourself asking questions like, "You mean this app won't do what I need out of the box?" You may have even flatly pointed out that you just don't have time to deal with customization. Those days are disappearing. Instead, low-code application development platforms are making custom enterprise app creation something that can be done with a few clicks as users draganddrop items in the interface to unlock new functionality. Modern app platforms are changing the customization landscape, and just in time.

A recent Business Matters report explained that more businesses are looking to create custom mobile apps to unlock new business functionality, with apps for everything from data collection to sales engagement and lead generation popular choices for proprietary apps.

"App platforms provide easy interconnectivity between various apps and services."

Avoiding app sprawl

With today's workers becoming more dependent upon apps, and more organizations creating their own solutions, it isn't surprising that workers can get overwhelmed. A recent ZDNet report explained that employeesin the modern enterprise are dealing with an overwhelming number of disconnected digital tools on an everyday basis. Messaging tools, enterpriseapps and similar solutions often run in disparate silos, forcing users to scramble from app to app just to keep up.

Application development platforms are helping businesses keep up.

Application development platforms combine mobile app developmenttools with dashboards that serve as a hub for user activities to provide easy interconnectivity between various apps and services. Furthermore, housing apps within a common platform simplifies data integration and communications, alleviating the stress that can come when having to deal with disconnected solutions on a day-to-day basis. Mobile apps are changing the workplace, and app platforms are helping companies adapt tothat change.

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