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BPM Plays Vital Part in the Rise of Enterprise Mobility

Appian Contributor
October 26, 2016

Enterprise mobility solutions have the potential to change how people work, but only if organizations have refined their business processes and procedures to support employees leveraging smartphones and tablets. Business process management (BPM) software empowers organizations to align their technological and business functions to maximize the revenue potential of their investments. When it comes to enterprise mobility, the gains can be substantial.

Many businesses still have a great deal of work to do when it comes to mobile maturation, but a recent study from Samsung and Frost & Sullivan found that productivity benefits are already emerging.

"The benefits of mobile device use boil down to 58 minutes in time saved."

Considering the benefits of mobile devices

At a surface level, the benefits of mobile device use boil down to 58 minutes. The Samsung study found that, on average, individuals using smartphones save approximately 58 minutes at work and the same amount of time in their personal lives every day. Samsung also asked respondents to the survey to estimate how much being able to use smartphones improves their productivity, and the average of the answers was 34 percent.

According to the study, smartphones are also changing the device landscape of the workplace, but the focus still tends to be on desktops.

    • 27 percent of those polled said employers provide them with smartphones

    • 43 percent said they were given laptops for work

    • 62 percent explained that they were given desktops to help them get the job done

    • 73 percent said they consider their personal smartphone their preferred business device

    • 84 percent claimed to use their personal smartphone for work

With so many employees using smartphones in the workplace and just a slightly smaller percentage preferring mobile devices, businesses need to adapt processes accordingly. BPM tools simplify this process in diverse ways, but business app platforms are among the most prominent of these.

Making the most of mobile

Productivity and efficiency gains are already happening with mobile devices in place, and businesses that build mobile-specific processes can take these benefitsto another level. Application development platforms give organizations low-code tools that allow for rapid application development. This empowers IT teams to roll out mobile solutions quickly and easily align data and app workflows with end-user demands.

Building processes around mobile device capabilities is only possible when the right apps are in place, and BPM tools with app platforms bring process management and app development together to drive efficiency gains and streamline operations.

Download the Enterprise Mobility and Beyond whitepaper today, and be better prepared to adapt in a constantly changing world.