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Agility Essential as Businesses Face Rapid Pace of Change

Appian Contributor
April 13, 2016

Speed is one of the few constants in an increasingly digital business world. Consumers change their preferred apps and services quickly. They look for better ways to interact with the businesses they depend on all the time. They expect companies to respond at a rapid pace when they provide feedback or interact with customer service teams. In response, businesses must change with the same quickness, creating a sense of urgency that legacy operational models cannot handle.

Business process management software empowers businesses to keep up with the rising demand for change. By standardizing processes when possible and providing complete visibility into workflows, BPM tools let organizations quickly optimize, adjust and streamline their everyday operations. At the same time, cloud-based app platforms within BPM suites let non-tech users quickly build custom apps, providing another layer of flexibility for anorganization to leverage as industry demands change.

"Agility is increasingly vital for organizations."

Sustaining frequent business change

A recent SYS-CON Media report explained that business agility describes a company's ability to change its operations in light of shifting operational, customer or industry requirements. While agility is increasingly vital for organizations, it is vital that they focus on building sustainably by expandingon to what they can accomplish as a business instead of constantly breaking down their core functions. All of this need for agility, however, centers around the growing trend of change facing businesses.

The news source explained that a blistering pace of change is altering the way organizations operate. In the past, change was a rare, carefully planned measure. Now, it is a constant part of operations. This is why business agility is becoming so important. It isn't enough to make occasional large changes as a business - a company must constantly evolve as its industry throws new challenges its way.

Using BPM to handle change

Your processes must be agile if you want your business to adapt to ever-shifting demands. BPM software is at the center of this functionality. Modern BPM solutions are built for the digital enterprise and offer the combination of low-code development tools, ease of use on diverse device types and built-in data protection that companies need. In particular, modern BPM software is built to add intelligence to your operations, letting you put data and processes into context for users regardless of how they access the solution. This technical versatility drives business agility, positioning your company to deal with the rapid pace of change it is facing.