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Mobility Plans Moving Beyond Early Adopter Phase

Joshua Hoffman
June 26, 2015

Application development platforms are evolving as enterprise mobility strategies mature, giving organizations a unique opportunity to create the end-user experience they need to generatevalue. There are still plenty of questions out there pertaining to exactly how organizations will use mobile devices, how they can protect their network and how smartphones and tablets will impact everyday operations. One thing is clear - organizations are becoming more dependent on a wider variety of applications that need to be deployed at an extremely rapid pace.

"BPM tools help companies adapt to the pace of mobile innovation."

Applications a game changer in enterprise mobility

Smartphones and tablets are great tools - they put advanced computing functions at the fingertips of your workers. However, the hardware is only as good as the applications it is running. A worker may be accessible at a cafe through a smartphone, but that accessibility is meaningless if the user doesn't have good apps to support operations. Business process management solutions are emerging as application platforms, letting companies use low-code functionality to quickly create and customize apps and service to meet end-user needs.

This evolution toimprove app development and deployment to support mobile devices goes hand-in-hand with businesses taking a more nuanced approach to advancing enterprise mobility initiatives.

Mobility moving forward

Enterprise mobility tacticsare evolving as more organizations evolve their application development strategies to support increased smartphone and tablet use. Computing recently completed a major survey of businesses to investigate where they stand on mobile device use, and approximately 52 percent of respondents identified themselves as "getting there" when it comes to developing mature mobile device strategies. The "getting there" designation represents companies that are no longer in the early adopter stage of mobility plans, but are also not yet mature.

Mobile devices are transforming a wide range of industries.Mobile devices are transforming a wide range of industries.

Approximately 5 percent of those polled said they don't have a mobility plan, 15 percent identified themselves as being in the early stages of adoption, 23 percent said they consider themselves mature and 5 percent said they have advanced mobile device plans in place. One respondent, an IT manager for a restaurant chain, explained that the major challenge to mobility maturity is the pace of innovation.

"Everything is coming in quicker than it should do, more upgrades come out, changes to the environment," the survey respondent told the news source.

The application development features increasingly available through BPM tools can help companies adapt to the pace of mobile innovation strategies and continue moving forward into greater maturity.